My installations are my way of giving my photography space and an surrounding that they deserve. The installations in this group are made of steel or aluminium tubes. The two installations you can walk into are covered with cheese cotton, that filters the outside light.

dated 2009 until 2014 (click on an image to enlarge an artwork)
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The Green Line


Old telephone in real 70-ties emerald green, with brand new '14 technical interior to call on its own and play a soundscape when you pick it up. Soundscape by ferrie = differentieel, part of the largest mini MuseumTor by Erik Sok and Ellen van Putten. Have a look inside

Leaving at 8.06


Tribute To Trees


Installation of three trees from Windsor Great Park, printed in duotone and frames in old wood. The panels together with aluminium tubes, couplings and transparant cloth form their new house. The musical soundscape by ferrie = differentieel adds to the feeling of a sunday walk with a slight underlaying tension.

Entry Ctrl i


The basic shape of this installation is an arc. The facade of the arc is a collage of photo's in a 10x10 cm matrix. All photo's show a door or entrance and are printed dia-positive to express that they aren't the entrance themself but form the entrance of the arc. Entry Ctrl i is the doorway to a number of photo's that are displayed in their own secluded environment.



Parts of a crashed amplifier, conserved for research purposes. Third and last appearance. Part of the serie Material.

Second Installment


Exploded view of a crashed amplifier. Photo of the second appearance, part of the serie Material.

Anatomina Scriptor


Anatomia Scriptor - the anatomy of a creating organism. 3D painting with parts of a computer disk drive, anatonimcal images and supporting colours. Part os the serie Material. Image of uterus used with permission of creating artist Saske van der Eerden, thanks!

Deadly Isolation


Deadly isolation is an installation that fits in the theme TILT of the international photofestival BREDAPHOTO 2010. It is an search for the consequences of the worldwide crisis for human beings; a crisis that can touch anybody and that can lead to personal decay and premature death. The installation consists of a triptych, where the three photo's tell the story from the perspective of an imaginary singleton.



Installation with old driftwood with beautiful structures, with edited photo's of muscular female models. Driftwood found alongside the river Maas (Loonse Waard, 2007 - 2010),  photo's of muscular women, found on the internet.  Installation of steel scaffolding pipes, rought oak groundplate. Photo's printed on Polaroid ZINK papier.

Rotapano abandonada


De panorama photo that is the base of this installation, is the mount of 4 photo's of an abandoned house in Portugal. The installation is a tall construction with a spanframe that holds the print flat in every direction. Becasuse of the minimal construction the photo seens to float and is separated from its environment.